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Financial Institutions


Non-Profit and Non-Government Organizations



Financial Institutions


        Our industry group focusing on financial institutions is forgoing a reputation as a leading provider of financial and consulting services in Northern Luzon. With relationship focused and based on trust Ismael, CPA provides services from a Bankers Perspective to a diverse and successful group of financial clients, through all stages from start up to growth Ismael, CPA is there to provide traditional accounting solutions and value added benefits to our client base.

        We provide accounting audit, accounting and tax services to our financial clients. We are trained and accredited in aspects of financial institutions. Our accreditations are from regulatory bodies of government like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). We utilize a technology driven, risk-based audit approach and provide proactive tax planning and compliance solutions to our clients.


        Internal audit outsourcing is another aspect of our service complement. Our internal audit team includes financial institution auditors and industry specialists with very specialized competencies. We utilize risk based solutions and can provide partial or full outsourcing alternatives. Ismael, CPA always strives to maintain independence and objectivity in all outsourcing engagements, which often results to cost savings for our clients. Outsourcing of the internal function is embodied in BSP selected external auditors. We are such selected external auditors.



        The firm is strategically located in Northern Luzon. This local presence, combined with our regional resource network uniquely qualifies Ismael, CPA to serve regional and community financial institutions thoroughly, efficiently and cost effectively.

        Ismael, CPA currently provides accounting and consulting services to over a hundred clients in the financial sector, ranging in asset size from Php 1M to Php 600M. Given the importance of this sector to Ismael, CPA we update our selves with current trends and issues affecting the industry. We have formalized our services to serve clients better such as:

- Rural, cooperative and micro-finance oriented banks
- Credit cooperatives
- Financial companies regulated by the SEC
- Asset based lenders

        Our financial clients are facing intense competition, increased regulation, changing customer expectations. As this operating environment becomes increasingly complex, our clients must focus on key drivers of greater growth and profitability. Our financial institutions group is being structured to help clients cope with the realities of the marketplace. We provide proactive and propriety solutions in areas vital to the strategic and financial success of our clients, covering a wide spectrum of specialized professional services including:


- Loan review outsourcing
- Loan review diligence
- Loan policy review
- Credit administration evaluations

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Non-Profit and Non-Government Organizations


        Non-Profit organizations termed as Non Government Organizations (NGOs) have their own distinguishing characteristics. While most NGOs resources are limited and restricted to sustainable development their operations must remain simplified yet efficient. These organizations require more detailed planning and are under public scrutiny now more than ever before.

        In today's rapidly changing business environment, the ability to successfully navigate the operational and regulatory environment associated with a tax exempt status requires a specialized advisory relationship. To this end, tax exempt organization are provided with accounting and tax know how.

Industry Experience
        Ismael, CPA provides accounting and consulting services to over a hundred clients in the not for profit sector. Types for not for profit organizations currently served include:

- Foundations and Associations
- Primary, high school and colleges
- Social clubs
- Private schools
- Community development organizations
- Consumers, Credit and Multipurpose Cooperatives
- Housing

        As the not for profit sector is an important aspect of our business, we are continually developing and training our professional staff in order to offer valuable services to our not-for-profit clients.

Financial Management

- Audit of Financial Statements
- Compliance with regulatory agencies like CDA, SEC, BIR
- Financial and profit planning
- Cash flow and cash management
- Forecasting methods
- Assistance with budget preparation
- Property and equipment management
- Overhead expenditure budgeting systems
- Cost Determination
- Cost Allocation plans
- Trainings for cooperatives

Business Planning

- New Business start up assistance
- Evaluation of long range plans

Organization and Personnel

- Organizational studies and review

Tax Services

- Unrelated business income tax issues(UBIT)
- Foreign charitable institutions
- Registration statement
- BIR exposure reviews
- Disclosure compliance review (BIR)

        We are proud supporters of various local niche organizations catering to the non-profit sector in Northern Luzon.


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        A relationship with a professional service firm starts with a solid foundation. Ismael operates under this simple credo. We have a thorough understanding of the client and industry dynamics, we can devise financial and advisory solutions to help our clients meet their stated business goals.

Industry Experience
        Ismael CPA serves over thirty clients, including general construction, special trade contractors, home builders and heavy commercial contractors. We aid construction clients achieve their financial and business goals. If engaged as your accounting firm, Ismael takes great care in learning the nuances of your business and crafting solutions to meet your specific service needs.

Industry Commitment

        Given the importance of this sector, we stay abreast with industry developments and market trends that may impact our construction clients. This should give our clients advantage over competition.


- Accounting, audits, reviews
- Tax planning and preparation
- Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) licensing


- Licensing requirements with PCAB
- Bid/proposal preparation
- Job profitability








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